• Peter Breeze


Went down to the barn

Looking 4 a mare

Rednecks wanna fuck me

I don’t really care

They don’t understand

We have a deep connection

Like jesus on the cross

Im devoted, need protection

Pony ride or buck

I dont give a fuck

Mustang baby

Give me a ride

Shiny and black

So big I could die

Mustang baby

Big load

Bobbing for apples

All over the road

Mustang baby

Kissing the hood

Hooves on my back

Loving me good

Been visiting the country

Laying in the hay

Staring at the sky

Waiting for the neigh

Life is so confusing

Nothing really matters

I cant help but ride

Without my clothes,

with my saddle

Pony ride or buck

I dont give a fuck