• Peter Breeze

Magenta Sky

Let me be a light

shimmering downtown

On the surface of skyscrapers

Catching your eye

So that for a moment

You look up and see me as I am.

Let me be a warm wind

In the middle of February

Chasing down my youth

Across endless Alberta prairie

Help me remember the way I was

Before I left that town

Let me be the stillness

In the moments before I wake

When I’m wandering the streets of Hollywood

Confident, wild and dreaming

Of a time when I was free

Let me be that water

Deep, royal blue

A heavy heart rippling out

To all the dreamers

Powerful and silent

Let me be like dusk and dawn

Somewhere in between

A brilliant sun, a reckless moon

Just enough starlight

To make me feel magical

Let me be the morning sky

On the perfect day

With a big cup of coffee

Sitting across from somebody

Who changed by life

Let me see.

Let me listen.

Let me love.